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I will post some pictures of the work if it finish and work. I have it first check with the soldered Kynar wire and all is ok, the other 2 are really not working. To the installation: I have soldered two Kynar wire from the 2 pins on the screen directly to the 2 pins on the LED cable. Then i have stick the LED cable without bend it to the top of the battery. Fix the LED cable connection with insulating tape.

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And i have found the reason for the Dots on the Screen. It can be everywhere on the screen if anything push the screen from under! I have it on first because the wire cables has overlaps and so there was a push in middle of the screen. Overlap fixed and the dots go away ;. Thank you for your support, but the installation is very difficult in the connection part.

Without soldering it would never work on my side…. Hey man where is my last comment gone? Is there any problems that i explain my experience here and try to give good tips for all customers to easy install the kit. Did it have links in it? Spam filter might have grabbed it. Let me check for it. The connector on the back of my screen has six prongs. I also scratched the top off of the volume controls running through the back is there anyway to fix that?

Watch the troubleshooting video on this page for help — theunlockr. He does it for a 6. Again, this process is identical regardless of what model you have. The only difference is there is a larger connector to line up but you still looking it up in the exact same way. For more info check out the troubleshooting video on this page here — theunlockr. Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I have watched the video. Tom says to connect the middle on the light to the middle connector on the phone but there is 6 connectors on the 6 plus so there is no middle one. I am very close to having this working please help.

Good luck. Just wanted to check back in and say the second LED is looking freaking great. The second one worked on the first try. Thanks so much for your fantastic customer service and prompt responses to any questions I had. Will definitely be a repeat buyer in the future. Good day to you sir. So the led light does work, however the left side of my screen is now dimmer than the right side.. What is causing the left side of my screen to be dimmer than the right when the led light is on? Any suggestions? Love the light kit, just wanna solve my dim screen issue.

That can happen if the led is on too tight, or if you are overlapping metal with the led cable I. It is simply a copper wire with a low voltage LED. If something is wrong with the phone, you messed it up when doing the install. Either you bent the cables that attach the screen too much and they ripped or the connectors are now lose or bent at the end of them, or you damaged the battery when trying to take it out.

I sell batteries and screens for repair in my shop but you can find them all over the place if you need them — theunlockr. Sorry you are having such issues, but all can be fixed and as mentioned this installation is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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How to use the flashlight on your iPhone, iPad Pro, or iPod touch

Dude what is this? When ever i fix the light my screen goes off and then again when i unplug the battery and plug it then the screen starts to work but the logo light never did! What might be the prob?

You might have fried the logo. I tried holding the logo light with my finger , the time i connect the logo light with my finger the display direcly goes off i dont know why.. Im really very sad about this.. The logo light is damn awesome. OK, you might have fried it. Bro i have experienced one new thing.. When i connect the logo light when the iphone is switched on the brightness of the screen increases and when i disconnect it the brightness gets back to normal how it was And the apple logo light never glows..

Please help, Thanks. Just reposition it so it is lined up better. ACiT tech here. Installed many of these. Heat from the phone will expand the adhesive on the tape and the connection will come loose. My recommendation would be to run the tape and padding under the metal display shield. That will hold it in place better but requires additional disassembly of your device and might leave an imprint on the light box causing a tiny brighter spot on the screen.

Good luck guys! I got the 6s kit and took it to local iPhone repair shop. It even dims all the way off so when i use as alarm clock the Apple logo dont keep me awake. So glad it worked so well for you! Enjoy and feel free to reach out to me via the contact form for info on wholesale.

Thanks again! So I recieved my 6s plus kit and the corresponding numbers for the LED are vertical and the conductor is horizontal. I am having a lot of difficulty getting this to work. That is the right way. The concept is identical, you just need to line them up on the conductors. Hey David. So I have the iPhone 6 kit. I installed it and it took me a while to get it adjusted so the logo light would stay on when I closed the phone.

Problem is, there are two dots on the top of the screen. Is it because of pressure? If so, how would I mitigate that while still having enough pressure to keep the light on? It took me over two hours getting it positioned well enough to work. Also will leaving it with the two dots for a while damage the screen? Any help would be appreciated! You need to put enough pressure on it for it to light up and not enough to get it to create dots on the screen. The dots you see on the screen are the result of more than enough pressure.

You will need to keep doing it until you get used to the amount of pressure it requires for lighting up. I have another question. Any ideas why? That has nothing to do with the kit. Maybe something has got messed-up inside the phone which is causing these issues. You should always make sure that you do everything carefully when you open-up the internals of a phone. If you bought the kit from me just use the contact form on the site for help.

There seems be an issue with the cables as the kit uses the light from the screen. Im installing this on an iPhone 6. Whenever i get the LED logo working and ready to close the phone. Means the led connector is either too tight on the conductor on the back of the screen or its touching metal in addition to the conductor and shorting a little. Check the connection. Please help, anyone. It can take a while.

You just need to dig back and forth in a tiny area right next to it until there is a divot that you can get under the logo and pry it up on some phones this part has taken me 20 minutes by itself and on some 5 mins. Hey David, I recently ordered the iPhone 6 light kit and tried installing it. When I tr. I never received an email response.

Should I submit the help request again with a different email? The phone likes to die randomly now.

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Second attempt, it turns on. I also noticed that when I turn the phone back on, if I jack the brightness to the brightest setting, the phone dies within 5 seconds. Every time. Check to see if it is touching any metal i. Also, disconnect it from the conductor entirely and see if the issue still happens. Check and see if any of that helps and then also make sure to check the troubleshooting video on this page as well and let me know!

The battery was definitely beat up a good bit, the adhesive is something else on these. Probably was due for one soon anyway. Thank you for a super fast reply. Let me know how it goes and if I can help further! No as each kit will only work for the exact model listed because they are all build differently. You can search my site though and there is a tutorial for the iPhone 4 light kit but I no longer have them as they were discontinued a while ago.

Disconnect it and try again.

iPhone 6 Light Kit - TheUnlockr

Posted by David Cogen. Monday, November 30th, Thanks to some smart people in the comments, you can apparently pull the to flaps at the bottom of the battery and pull them straight down to get the glue out instead of all this heat and prying. Thanks to everyone who recommended this!

Glowing Apple Logo - iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S

Related Items: First Name. Related Posts. The Best Battery Life of a Smartwatch. The Best iPhone for the Money. Apple Watch Series 4 Complete Walkthrough: Tom King. David Cogen. Haha love the photo, Tom! Muhammad Ali.

iPhone 6 Light Kit

My logo is glowing. Casey Alhroub. The Guy. Thanks so much! Good luck with the mod once you get it and let me know how it goes! Ha, 9. Soon hopefully! Can you help! Mista Xclusiv. Thanks for the quick response!! Jason White. Trung Ho. Jason Haas. Ok thank David. I will do that. Gianluca DS. No I did not. I bought new battery and put in but still the same. I end up take them all out. Did you try adjusting the LED? Seems to have worked for others with the same issue? I had to remove all.

I too have this problem but the battery is ok. Alex Thisius. Joe Marino. Micheal White. Ha glad to hear you got it solved, man! Bad timing on the NFC lol. Thanks for the tip, Joe! Jason Perez. Hello Brian, Same thing happened to me on a phone. All right, but on my iphone 6 plus, the display on the right is slightly darker, why? I tried , unfortunately the problem is not resolved , I was forced to disconnect the LED. Shane Peck. I believe you just emailed.

Jose Carlo Lozano. Evan Theis. Jeremiah Smith. Once you get the battery off, then you have to pry the polished metal that gives the logo its shiny look, but be very careful. JerryRigEverything accidentally destroyed his display ribbon during this step. From here you can begin the process of placing the Apple light up logo and connecting it to a ribbon. And it makes your iPhone 7 truly stand out.

The mod kit

Do keep in mind, however, that this will void any warranties on your device. Unbeknownst to him, this was Deals Menu. Step 6: Take off the black electrical tape holding the Apple logo in place, then carefully pry out the stainless steel logo. I used the small flat head screw driver to pry out the logo, as shown in the video. Unless you want to keep the logo for later, you do not need to be particularly gentle with the metal. The logo is glued in place as well, so it will take some working.

I really cannot see a way to preserve this piece, so just dive in. Step 7: These pieces are precision cut. At first it might seem like it does not fit, but be gentle. Add the bumper pieces and tape everything down circled above. I used all of the bumper pieces to make sure the connection was strong when the iPhone is closed. Pressure is holding it in place. Also, the glowing logo has a thin plastic film, mentioned above. Leave it in place until you close up the entire phone. During this step, do not place undue stress on the screen ribbon cable, as it is the only piece holding the screen to the iPhone base.

Step 8: Replace the battery, reattach the battery cable, and screw the battery cable plate in place. To test the glowing logo, carefully place everything back together, lining up the top screen and iPhone bottom. It will click into place. Step Replace the pentalobe screws on either side of the Lightning port.

Make your friends jealous. To ensure the steps are carefully completed, please reference TheUnlockr video before and during your process. This mod is amazing and a big thanks to David for sending a unit my way for testing. I was very hesitant to make the modification on my own, but with the instructional video and a fully featured kit, the process was as easy as can be expected. I have been using the mod kit for about three months and have seen no adverse effects on my device or battery life. I have, however, been getting a lot of compliments on my fashionable device!

Of course, this has ruined my ability to get the device serviced by an Apple technician, but with an iPhone 7 looming, I figured it was now or never. Step 9: Test the glowing logo by powering on your iPhone. The video To ensure the steps are carefully completed, please reference TheUnlockr video before and during your process.