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How to get CallerID and Reverse Phone lookups on your android!

Reverse phone look up. There is three different tabs available for search you can choose any one and start searching now.

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Now what are you waiting for just download the app and start exploring your unknown caller number details. Then these apps help you to overcome from this fear and find out all the details about that unknown caller. About the Author Latest Posts.

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What a great tool. You always know who's calling. Love it!!!! Great to investigate a number that you are not familiar with on kids bill.

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Highly recommended. Read more about how we're revolutionizing caller ID on your iPhone: We've made a few under the hood improvements to our contacts module and fixed some bugs in order to make your experience with our app even better. Any issues, please email feedback callersmart. What I seek is an app that will direct me to whom ever owns the robo call numbers I keep getting, so I know how to report them properly to authorities.

This one is helpful but it seems like it will not do much for me unless I opt for a paid subscription.

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That's fine, and I hope they do well in their sales. Scam calls are not identified or marked as unknown. At least one repeat caller is marked in app as an invalid number. My goal in the end, is to find a way to shut down scam callers permanently. Hi Closer, Thanks for your honest feedback, we appreciate you rating us here in the App Store! Have you tried turning on our Automatic Spam Call Blocking feature? It may help eliminate many of those annoying robocalls you receive. If you'd like more information or want to share anymore feedback with us, you can reach us at feedback callersmart.

Thanks, Your CallerSmart Team. And yes I have the app configured to allow calls. Pretty much all I am paying for is to look up numbers that call me manually. Not what I need. I tried another app and at least it would show who was calling even when the screen is locked. CallerSmart Premium doesn't currently cover unlimited Premium Lookups, but it does allow for ad-free and anonymous lookups. As well as enhanced spam call blocking and the ability to monitor the activity on any five phone numbers.

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You can get in touch with us at feedback callersmart. This app does nothing. You as the app user do all the work. This app only shows you how to block numbers from your phone.

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So I deleted the app. Seems suspicious, no? Another neat feature is the ability to share the information to different platforms which is helpful for publicizing harassment situations. The Whoscall app is a free application for identifying incoming callers that comes packaged with a couple of other features. Though the free version does contain ads, they're minimally invasive and only appear in certain areas of the app or after rejecting a call.

Whoscall continually monitors your incoming calls, so you'll see a popup with the identity of a caller as the call is actually coming in. Legitimate calls from either a reputable business or one of your contacts will appear with a green icon attached, while unknown entities will be marked with a gray icon, and notoriously sketchy calls will have a red icon.

Information for unwanted calls is compiled from user reviews, and this data can be viewed under the "Info" section within the app if you missed the original popup.

If you head to the app's main settings menu, you can tweak a few features — namely the pop-up dialog that appears when receiving a call. As the service uses an online database to reference incoming numbers, it needs to have an internet connection, which is set to "Wi-Fi only" by default. So if you'd like to get these call-screening features while out and about, you'll need to change this option, though note that it will use your monthly mobile data allotment.

Beyond that, you can have the app automatically block calls from suspected spam numbers if you'd like. To try that out, open the "Block" menu in settings, then choose from the available options to block calls from private numbers, everyone not in contacts, international numbers, or set up custom rules. Please share all the hacks for a nonrooted Samsung Note 5 ,I play a lot of music also ,so anything to increase my music quality and the volume would be great. Btw, I love Gadgethacks!!!!!!