Drag racing app tuning level 5

Use a level in pro league your good at. Or download the free games and open and then delete them. The higher the level, the more you can put down as a betting stake. But admittedly, downloading the other games is the fastest way to get RP… Shame it can be flaky at times. I got bored with the novitec. So I tried the replacement of the audi. The Cm Biturbo. It is not bad. I have raced it over 20 times now. No loss. Crossing my fingers. Do you still see the Audi when you race?

I still see many audis when I do the pro league. Thats interesting, they must be doing some server side filtering depending on your version of the game. It does that eventully once your getting higher in the pro legue. And it just subtracts rank sometimes even if your in 1st place. My email is devinhayes gmail. That is freaking great dude.

Mu level 3,6,and 7 are all and above. But my level 7 was and I lost one race and I got I got first place but it still minused the points. Keep trying! Have you tried varying the time when you play to try and get easier opponents? The nocitec and the cm biturbo for level 7 and the am one for level 6. Level 7 is currently my highest. I just got it upgraded to a point and I need a good tune. And yours is amazing. Check the race distance and then find the best car on our Facebook page. Man, thanks, this is soooo cool……… Addicted to this game…….

I play it on a Playbook and it rocks. Not quite ywt. I have been playing ps3 and not drag racing. I have 3 levels currently and above though. Willy please help me get my car fast ferarri fxx best time 7. Hi davest1x, You can only access the Facebook info from a browser which lets you see the buttons just under the cover image. Look at the Facebook page first and try the tune there. Alternatively, you can look at our Tuning tips page to make a tune for yourself.

Feel free to come back and ask us if you have any problems with the instructions. Hi Alex, A Pagani Zonda would be the most likely car for use against the level 8 career boss if its a 1 mile race. However, overall a CMF1 would be better for the shorter race distances. Hai willy. Thank alot. I just become the lagendary racer for lvl2. Now going for lvl 1. I woujld use maszda man. Honda is just not made for level 1. Getting closer. Check out our Facebook page. Half mile. Use the honda with willys upgrades.

My bad. I thought it was half mile. Taking a break from this game. Instant minus so mad haha. Might play random mode to cool off. Minus for first place and an excellent time is mean! Hi Willy! Can you help me with another tuning and the technique I should use? Hi Lambo, Thanks for sharing your tune.

It looks pretty good. How does it compare to the tunes we have on our Facebook page? Especially the first gear launch one Cheers. It should give you something to use for improving and tweaking. Have you had a look at our Tuning page? You need to adjust the car in a 1 mile race. So you need to reduce your 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gear ratios in order to achieve a higher top speed. I think you mean I have a decond gear tune that runs And I also have a 1st gear And tune set up would be nice to! Hi John, Sorry for the late reply — someone had already asked the same thing on our Tuning post.

You need an increasing amount of respect points as you go up the levels. Hi Hafiz, 8.

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I think I can only get the time down to around 8. Hi Abednasser, I just gave some info to Bolan about this. On our Facebook page we have a tune which is specific for beating the level 7 career boss with an Aston Martin. Hi Pravin, We played this game and wrote the post a long time ago, and since then the Audi R8 has been removed due to copyright reasons.

You should go for the CM Bitturbo instead. Hello pravin I have a tune for 8. Its still pretty decent and beats almosteveryone. Here is a tune that is a second gear tune that is suppose to run 8. Cheers Devin, Much appreciated! You mind if I put this on our Facebook page? Yes willy. Go ahead. But test it first. If its not the 8. I feel special that my names on there lol.

Hey Devin, Sorry for the really late reply! Thanks for the tune! Thank you! Hi Octavio, I would use an Aston Martin instead. Just use an Aston instead. Hi joey, I think technically an Aston Martin would let you cover all the races. But otherwise a Lambo lets you win the other races. So get an Aston Martin if possible Cheers. Hi Kenalda, Are you clicking on this Facebook Page link? The alternative is to click on the Facebook icon at the top right of this page.

From there you can click on the Drag Racing Tunes icon just below our cover page. Hi angelracer, Try the upgrade and tuning settings that Devin posted and use that for a base. What do I do to beat level seven? Hi Justin, The Novitec Rosso is your best bet. You should start off with the tune on our Facebook page and adjust it so that you can get a higher top speed. That means you slowly reduce the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gear ratios so that your 6th gear ratio is as low as possible that will let you get a higher top speed. There is a very decent one on wildwillys facebook page.

Its a very good start. Hi joey, Use the level 8 upgrades and tunes on our Facebook page. Hey i got lvl 8 stuck , i got cm f1 using a tune i seein one comment i got 7. Can i help me with a car setup and tune for level 8 1 mile. Hi Miguel, Sorry mate, no tune for that car, but you can farm the pro races for Respect Points and cash and then buy the best cars for level 7. Hi Gubby, Maybe someone here can give you a good tune to beat the other players? Love helping you and others out. If you need any tunes orsuch let me know.


Yo Devin i run consistent First or second gear or both would be appreciated lol. Un heard of. My best is a I might be able to set you up with a I have a tune that runs Hey Devin, Thanks for the support man! Will message you if I need help about any tunes in particular! Hi savo, The review and tips I wrote were quite some time ago. Since then the Audi was removed because it violated some copyrights.

Hi Cypresshillace, Actually the Audi R8 was removed due to violating some copyright laws. It was replaced by the CMBitturbo instead. Apparently it fits in to substitute the Audi R8 well. My favorite car. I am tied with the world record right now. Not to hate on anyone.. I mean come on. Thanks for the comments though dude! I have a level 8 CM F1 tuned to do 7.

I need help with a level 8 career race Its not the boss. Its a 1 mile race against a Maserati MC12 Corsa which does it at Is it possible to beat this car with the F1? I know you suggest a Pagani Zonda in longer races for level 8 but i dont wanna go through the hassles of buying and upgrading a new car. I do have an AM One Is it possible to beat the guy in 1 mile race with this car?

I can upgrade it to level 8. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. If you want a few more tips, try asking Devin nicely. He might have a quick solution for you. Love the shout outs willy! D ummmm. Online cmf1 tune? I got a good one? This kind of problem pops up at every level from level 6 upwards. I solved the problem.

Hard Wired Photo: Drag Racing Dodge Charger Tune Level 5

I then tuned it and beat the Level 8, 1 mile Maserati easily and then went on to upgrade the Aero to Level 9 with your suggested upgrade setup and now am tuning it for the Pro League win-win situation. Am currently doing Also the f1 is a great car. I am now able to do 7. Glad you managed to get past that part. Sometimes there are levels which are a bit of a slog, but as long as you have 1 car which wins in the pro league races then it becomes easy to farm the game for cash and respect points: Please see our Facebook Page for all upgrades and tune settings.

Even my previous comment mentioned our Facebook page!!! I need help with the carrier on level 7 I have Novitec Rosso with in upgrades Whitch tuning setup do i need? Hi lKrisWl, We have a second gear launch tune and a first gear launch tune on our Facebook page. Have a look there and try that out. Hi Abhishek, Apologies for the late reply. You should be able to beat the level 7 1 mile Aston Martin with a Rosso. Alternatively, if you have an Aston Martin then you can beat the computer with specific tunes which are on our Facebook page.

Hi, I am having trouble beating the Viper in Level 6 of career mode.

I tried for a week to beat him with a Ford GT with no luck. So, i gave in and bought a Viper so that we would be on the same playing field. Good choice or bad? Also, i dont know how to tune my car for optimal performance. I suggest you have a look at our Facebook Page to select the best car of the race class and then modifying a tune to beat the Viper. Hi Jeremie, That should be pretty good for you to beat all of the career level 4.

Are you tuning your car? You might have to tweak the tune for beating the 1 mile boss. I am back to your post and need your help once again. Now I have a Level 10 Bugatti Veyron I finished the carrier mode and have tuned it with one of the 1st gear launch start you suggested to watchman. I find that first of all to get a consistent time on the 1st gear launch you need to be very…very good. Also even on my best runs I am able to do 7. So could you please help and suggest me a 2nd gear launch start?

Also is Devin out to help? If he is then please reply. Again sorry for any mistakes. Have you tried looking at our Tuning tips page to understand what to do to improve a tune? Though to be honest, at level 10 the cars are so fast that reaction times become a huge factor. If I gave a 1st gear launch tune to Watchman, then it should be the best I have from my research….

Hey WildWilly! I have a little problem. I am stuck on the level 6 boss in career mode. I was told that the time I needed to get to win was After getting your cars from the pro races you then want to use those and tweak the tune to beat the level 6 boss. Hi bjohn, How are you? Originally when I wrote this post, there was an Audi R8 in the game. But since then the game has been updated and the Audi R8 was removed because it violated copyrights.

Instead the best car at that level is the CM BitTurbo. Hi Daniel, If you look at our Facebook Page , there are specific tunes for an Aston Martin for beating the level 7 1 mile boss. Novitec Rosso GT8. Fully upgraded on everything. Then tune like this: Am talking about the career mode, stage 6, the race before the boss!

Help please. How are you? Are you going for another legendary racer place? Hi giradt, Make sure you have the right car which is the best in that level. So technically it should be a Pagani Zonda. I have a CMF1 and upgraded it.. With the tune you have given i go about The alternative is to farm cash and respect points at a lower class level instead. Perhaps if you ask Devin nicely, then he might have a tune for you.

Do you have any better tune for SSC. My timing now is The one on facebook page is not so good. NOS 2. Thank you very much. Hi Moon-light, We actually have two specific tunes for beating the career level 7 Aston on our Facebook Page. Why not try them out? But it did. And I even have pictures of it. Hey dude, Sorry for the late reply again. How comes you lost so many points!! Are you playing any other good games on your phone? Hello, how can i beat level 9 boss? Can you send me the right setup?

How can i tune my level 3 honda sso it go faster than Hi Havkar, Our tunes are online on our Facebook page. Why not check that out and see if that can help you with your tuning. Sorry to burst your bubble. But last I checked that was the fastest time possible for that car. Besides the world recored. But only tune I have is for I need some tuning tips for the NSX level 2 car. I also need tuning tips for my SRT-4 and Any links will be appreciated. Hi CJ, Try this: Please have a look there. Hi balaxubas, Please check out our Facebook page where there are upgrades and tunes.

Why would you question whether people are honest??? Dude you have some serious issues…. Yeah hey willy. No worries on the late relpies. I too have been busy with schooling and family matters. I have been playing minecraft pocket edition.

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Its a wopping 6. Even the free or demo version is good. Hey Devin, thanks for understanding: Wow, minecraft costs 6. Back then it only had the building mode and no survival mode. From what I heard, it does have survival mode in it now. Yeah its so much better. They have chests and beds and stuff like that now. Its really fun. Yeah 10 cents when it was on offer.

They recently sold games for 25 cents! Did you jump in and buy some? I have one maybe noobish question. Is it even possible to get a world record with a car which is not considered to be the best in category if you have the right tune? Thank you for asking a good intellectual question, its far more interesting that the majority of the comments here. The list of cars in the post have been found from my research from a long time ago and the research is based on looking at other websites, forum postings and in game data. Given the right time and effort it is possible to win some pro races with cars which are unheard of.

In short, an element of realism comes in and effectively the engine of one car is simply not able to keep up with the engine of another. Hope this info helps, but definitely check out our Tuning tips page if you wanna give some of these other cars a try! What he said! What is good is still good.

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On the world recoed note, no you have got to use the car they used to get that world recored. But you will need an outstanding tune. But I had 2 world recoreds tiied, the level 7 novitec and the level 7 audi or the biturbo. So people should use the best car as seen in the world records at the moment.

Yea umm i cant beat lvl 7 the 1 mile one what car is the best to use for it reply asap please.

Drag racing boss level 5(how to beat) w/ commentary

Hi Isaiah, Please check out our Facebook page which has a tune for beating that boss using the same car. Level 9… not so sure, but try this: Stuck in career mode lvl 3!!! Any one can help?? Then you should be able to tweak it as necessary to beat the boss. To beat the Aston you need a higher top speed. Go into the tunes and reduce the ratio numbers for the 3rd to 6th gears.

The aim is to lower the 6th gear ratio so that you can achieve a higher top speed. The changes for the middle gears are so that your car transitions smoothly. If that seems a bit weird still then try tapping the 3rd down twice, 4th down twice, 5th down thrice, 6th down thrice. Keep adjusting in this way and feel the car gear transition.

You should easily get a faster top speed which will then let you beat the boss. The CM Bitturbo upgrades and tunes are somewhere in these comments. The Novitec Rosso upgrades and tunes are on our Facebook page. Why not have a look there. You may still need to tweak the tunes to increase the top speed to beat the 1 mile boss. Hi Yogesh? Please read my comments. You need to adjust the settings so that you achieve a higher top speed. That means you reduce the 3rd, 4th ,5th and 6th gear ratios.

In any case you would now have a race winning car that you can use in the pro races to farm money and respect points!!!! How can you call that a waste?? Hi krn, Sorry for the really late reply. It is definitely a good car though, so still it out and play around with the settings! Check out our tune there. Wtf, is this a scam??? Please help. Hi rrchynracin, Wow, that sounds bizarre… You better email the developer support team. Perhaps something went haywire.

Has anyone tampered with your phone? Hope you got it sorted. Hi Jason, If you adjust the gear ratios you should beat the 1 mile easily. This in turn will mean that you will have a higher top speed. Not sure if the FXX will let you beat the boss. I think it might have the wrong acceleration profile. You may need the SSC Aero. That sounds very fast. Try our Facebook page , otherwise try asking Devin nicely. Good luck with your tunes. Hi Frank, My post was written a really long time ago.

They had to remove the Audi because it infringed on copyrights. Please help me. I wanted the best results from you. Thank You. Hi DanialNg, Check out what we have on our Facebook page first dude. Hi Dopey, Ummm….. Good luck in your search. Hi Dheeraj, Apologies for the really late reply — there were some rude messages from some other users which really put me off replying. When you play a bet race you should win twice your original stake. Try to progress to another level to farm for money. Hi Carbon20 , Try using the cars suggested on our Facebook Page. Hi RichardL, The optimum aero upgrades are on our Facebook page.

Hi Crazy, Check out our Facebook page where you can see the tune. Hi guys. What car should I use? Check our Facebook page. Cheers Apologies for the late reply. Am i supposed to tune the gears or try harder? Check out our tuning tips link at the top and bottom of the Upgrades post , or otherwise, goto our Facebook page where you can perhaps use the tunes as a starting point to get a better racing car. A new update for android came this Thursday and i found it no so good.

It looked nice for just 2 mins. Hi Salshar, What did you find not so good? Can you give me the actual URL to your Facebook page? Hi jjpms, The novitec Rosso should be the right car to use. Otherwise you could use an Aston Martin to beat the computer. Hi raimundo, Thanks for the tunes you shared! Do you mind if we share the details on our Facebook page?

Hey wildwilly! Only the rare occasion. Lvl 5 boss with rr35 almost maxed out to lvl 6 and still loseing running 9. Nos when shifting from 1 to BMW M3 Nos. U got a nice list My fav ride so far is level 4 nsxr that maxed on everything Anyways this game is the shit. An ideal course for those looking for a half day Rally driving experience session or just for a bit of fun. The half-day driving experience will provide you with a real feel for rally driving at speed in our high powered rage buggy.

With us you will receive the best in car rally and race tuition. Hey im trying the lvl 1 setup for the RX-8 and it may be because an update but the upgrades send the car into level 2. Level 10 veyron ss quarter mile tuning is not working right. I tried beating that level 10 veyron ss but of no use.

I have a Gallardo tune that runs 7. My best rekord, lvl3 skyline BMW M5 60 full upgrade lvl 5 tune car: Nos 2. Nos at gear 2. Thanks to provide this such nice information. Hi friends Porsche carerra gt Level 7 I have got a problem any suggestion tune car , thanks from Turkey. I just might have that murcielago tune.. No2 not sure.. Gallardo tune that runs 7.

Level 3 Bmw M3E92 My record is 9, n2o: I found the GT-R R36 can beat the level 5 boss with upgrade an set up of 1st 3.

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Hey guys, this seems to be a pretty active blog, and the question i have seems to be asked quite a bit over the internet but all the answers seem to be a little different and dont work. The CarreraGT is running constant 9. Everyone says use the aston martin to beat this stage but i would really like to beat it with my M6. And that does me no good. Everyone who doesn't have the Austin Martin use the charger srt8 to beat level 5 boss and use the rosso to beat the level 6 boss. I just using alfa romeoC8 with fully upgrade only that i can beat level 5 boss. This post is very interesting and beautiful posts.

I like your work. Your are doing great. I really impressed with your informative article. I will pray or your best, you are really amazing person. Please Check must Thanks. Regards, Appogenic Studio company. Tuesday, July 19, level 5 setups. August 26, at 4: Anonymous September 21, at 7: KeithPower12 November 2, at 5: Bacon Fool November 8, at 4: DaWreck November 29, at Giany January 13, at 5: